Unfair Disconnection Practices…

I have been your customer over the last ten years. I wish to hightlight the unfair experience I had to go through. My experience leads me to beleive that this seems to be a well thought strategy to fool customers especially when they are moving out of the service.

a) I changed my job and hence I had to move to different city. I wanted to retain this service number and hence visited your service centre in person and explained to them that I have changed my job and hence they should move me out of the corporate plan to an individual plan with minimum rentals.

b) Based on the advise they suggested me a different plan and I submiteed the request for change to a different plan.

c) I checked my account on the website. As per the website I did not have any data plan active.

c) I received a bill with a monthly rental of approximately 1900 rs. whcih included two plans (1) Blackberry (2) Data Plan.

d) I contacted your support centre via chat service and explained this. I once again requested them to deactivate the services.

e) I contacted the support centre via chat again to verify and realized that blackberry plan is still active. This time they have again taken the request.

f) Now I have a mail from them that they are deactivating the blackberry service from 28th of this month when the complaints have been raised from 17th Feb.

I am enclosing the transcript of my chat on both occassions.

The sequence of events leads me to belive that this seems to be well-trained mechanism of extracting revenue from a customer who is moving away from the service. It seems very unlikely that in the very first instance when I visited personally at the service centre, I should have been guided that billing for the other services would continue. I was made to believe differently on two occassions and this clearly seems to have been done on purpose and as a well thought strategy.

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