Undue increase in HBL interest rate

Location/place: Burdwan

Name of company/service: SBI

I, Dr.Dibyendu Roy had
taken House
building lone from SBI, Khoshbagan
branch, Burdwan, Westbengal at the
FIXED interest rate of nine percent(9
percent). But now the interest
rate had unduely increased to 13.75
percent. The interest rate has
been changed from fixed to floating.
That is why the part period interest has
been icreased drastically
from Rs-6893/-(on 31st July,2012) to
Rs-8968/-(on 31st August).
I again want to mention here that I had
taken the loan at fixed
interest rate, that is 9 percent.
The local branch neither informed us
about the escalation of interest
rate nor they sent any lone statement
to our postal address ever. This
is not at all expect from a bank like SBI.
I had not taken the loan from any
private bank where number of
grivances and illegal activities
happends . I relied upon SBI. But I
did not get satisfactory service from
I need early feedback , clarification and
action from yours end.
I expect the interest rate will be
corrected with accurate
rectifiction of amount of part period
interest and principal that has
been paid.
Expecting early action from yours end.
My lone account number is-
Thanking you,
Dr. Dibyendu Roy
Ph no-09433164341,

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