Undelivered Books

Location/place: Lucknow

Name of company/service: Jain Book Depot, New Delhi

I ordered 2 books amounting Rs. 1095 (order no. 10957) on 09-05-2012 whereby I made the complete payment online. And they dispatched the order on 11-05-2012. When I did not receive the order till 24-05-2012, I contacted their dispatch department & they asked me to wait for another 3-4 days. When I did not get the books, I contacted them again around 30-05-2012 & asked for the post receipt. They sent me the receipt using which I inquired with the local post office but they did not received it either. Since then I have been contacting their order department regularly to look into the matter and resend me the books or give me a refund since delivery is not my problem. But they are not responding. I have the record of all the emails exchanged and phone calls. Kindly help me with the problem.

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