Uncach ATM Transaction

Location/place: New Delhi

Name of company/service: HDFC

I have account iin HDFC(A. No. 12021610002395)
On 30-06-2012 I did a withdral of Rs. 7900 from Indusland ATM in New
Freinds Colony(New Delhi) with Ref No. 5215. The amount was deducted
from my account but I could not receive cash from ATM machine. I
ragistered my complaint through HDFC customer care with complaint No
I received a letter from HDFC that transaction was valid so amount will not be refunded to me.I shared my thought that analysis has been done only at HDFC end not with Indusland bank because transaction was in
it’s ATM.
It is very much possible that transaction has been
processed automaticaly in the electronic recording books that is why amount was deducted from account but cash
could not be come out through the ATM.
Morover this gaurd of that ATM is also witness of this incident becasue he was also present there.
Nevertheless my complaint has been refused & I have lost Rs.7900.

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