unacceptable service from flipkart

Recently i ordered a 4K tv set from FLIPKART.COM on 22nd mar just before lockdown while a sale was going on. The product was supposed to be delivered by 28th mar, which never happened due the unexpected circumstances of covid19. Under the circumstances it would’ve been difficult to deliver the product they kept me on hold for a long time as of today is 5th may, they kept on telling the product will be delivered soon and nothing happened.And the final blow was that they themselves cancelled my order a few days back without my notice and kept on saying that they did that with my consent while they never asked me a thing, and finally all was gone the deal , the product everything.Moreover they kept my money on hold( a quite large sum bcoz of a tv) for more than 40 days and refunded without any kind of compensation.They literally gave me nothing other than trouble like countless hours of mailing them without any fruit. I dont even understand how can they survive against amazon(customer satisfaction at its peak).

The day i ordered from flipkart there was an equivalent available on amazon too and now that is gone too, i really regret choosing flipkart.

In order to fix this provide me with some kind of compensation like vouchers nd all or at least provide me the deal i was getting.


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