Transfer of Bharat Gas Cylinder from Pune to Aurangabad

Location/place: Aurangabad

Name of company/service: Umakiran Bharat Gas Agency, Shahanoorwadi, Aurangabad

Respected Sir / Madam,

This has reference to the transfer of cooking gas cylinder connection from Pune to Aurangabad; I have completed formalities for transfer there in Bharat Gas Agency, Pune already.

Now I am trying to follow up for transfer there with Umakiran Bharat Gas Agency, Shahanoorwadi, Aurangabad since a month.

Officers / persons there in Umakiran Bharat Gas Agency are loosely entertaining for the transfer completion though all formalities to prepare – 1. Documents are completed e.g. Affidavit and 2. Money against charges.

They are straightaway postponing dates giving reasons like to “come specifically on Monday 10~11 am only”, ‘registration is closed and once opens will inform” and all.

My question is whether affidavit is really required for transfer of connection.
And what to do to move them fast for completion of transfer formalities.

Hence this request to suggest me in above matter.

Thank you,

With Warm Regards,

Dhananjay Waichal
Maharashtra State


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  1. Rajendra sadashiv lalsare Avatar
    Rajendra sadashiv lalsare

    My gas connection at Ambar gas agency was transferred to Umakiran gas agency Aurnagabad with TA no 377 but i dont have consumer no .Please tell my consumer no

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