Train route change without prior notice

Location/place: Bhubaneswar

Name of company/service: Indian Railways


I was traveled on 01-06-2012 by Train [B]PURUSHOTTAM EXP(train no:12801)[/B],schedule departure 23:25 .I had booked the ticket through IRCTC (,PNR NO:6602446287,passenger name Dipayan samanta.I had board at BHUBANESWAR,journey upto KHARAGPUR.This train usually go though KHARAGPUR to DELHI.But on that day,after boarding in train,when TTE came to check my ticket,het told me that this train changed the route,i will not go to KHARAGPUR,it will directly go to TATANAGAR.So had to get off the train at TATANAGAR and took another train to KHARAGPUR.Usually this train reached in KHARAGPUT at 4:20(next day),but in that day i reached at 11:30 am.

This mishap cost me fail to do an important official work.So i want to complain and want some compensation from Indian Railways.

Please help me and advise me further.

Thanks & Regards,
Dipayan Samanta


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