the order was cancelled twice

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sir, ordered a book from flipkart on 28 may 2012 on cash on delivery but the order was cancelled after 2 days by the site itself and the book was shown out of stock.
I was okay with it but when i ordered another book on 3 june 2012 it was again cancelled on 7 june 2012 and was shown out of stock by the site.
sir, my complaint is that if these sites don’t have stock why do they take orders
wasting our time and this has caused a lot of inconvenience . This site has disobliged me. This act was discommoding. sir, i request you to take necessary actions aganist this site i.e
Wating for your response.
vimal batra
EMAIL ADDRESS- [email protected]


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  1. Sandeep Singh Avatar
    Sandeep Singh

    Please cancel my order. Order no is- COD ORDER OD20908030415

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