termination of airtel connection

Location/place: bangalore

I am the person suffering coz of airtel’s mistake…. all details are in the e-mail communication

From: Sunil Kumar
Subject: Re: REGARDING DE ACTIVATION OF MY CONNECTION : 8971474397 [|BAL|8971474397|204201013010|]
To: [email protected]
Cc: [email protected]
Date: Friday, April 2, 2010, 11:29 AM

the mail that you have sent is just copy and paste and the content is not been given any importance too.

forward this to managers and if possible to their managers……..

why dont you get me another sim with the same amount of currency ?

its your mistake and you got to take the responsibility………….

i guess i have to post a comment stating what happend to me and the worst experience with airtel coz of your internal mistake………. it is ongoing process till your terminate useless staff of yours and stop sucking customers money coz of your mistake.

i dont grow money nor i cheat ppl like you do…………. forward this mail to your managers for having developed worth less rules which are sopiling customer willingness to go for your connection…………………. andk also for having useless staff


Sunil Kumar


— On Fri, 4/2/10, [email protected] wrote:

From: [email protected]
Subject: Re: REGARDING DE ACTIVATION OF MY CONNECTION : 8971474397 [|BAL|8971474397|204201013010|]
To: “Sunil Kumar”
Date: Friday, April 2, 2010, 8:06 AM

Dear Sunil Kumar,

Thank you for contacting Airtel.

According to your email dated on 02/04/2010, regarding your Airtel mobile number 8971474397.

We regret the inconvenience caused in this regard.

We regret to inform you that your number has been permanently disconnected dated on 17/03/2010 due to Negative verification. Further, there is no option to reactivate the number and process the refund for the same.

For further assistance, mail us at [email protected].

We would be glad to have your feedback on our response. Please click on the below link to provide your feedback.

We thank you and value your association with Airtel.

Warm Regards

Ramya priya p
Customer Care
Bharti Airtel Limited

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———Original Message———-
From: Sunil Kumar
To: [email protected]
Cc: [email protected]
Sent: 02/04/2010 16:37:25
Subject: regarding de activation of my connection : 8971474397


My name is sunil and i have got a free airtel simcard on purchase of mobile
from basaveshwarnagar MobileStore, on 26th of feb 2010 and a currency was also
added to this number same day.

I have submitted my DL as address proof and provided the photo, signed in the
forms, now airtel ppl say that the address is not matching.

Presently this particular number is cancelled due to address verification
failed. Now the number is in the name of Krishna murthy or krishna kumar not
very sure about his name and his address.

Today I went to airtel outlet regarding the same issue, they said nothing can
be done and they told me i need to contact the person from where i got the SIM
card. Then i went to mobile store and got it confirmed that the documents were
submitted to airtel.

Now i have no other option and called airtel many times and spoke to :

1) Sneha

2) Anusaya

3) Parthasarathi

all are flour supervisors, every one are saying that SIM card should be
purchased only from airtel outlet.

In this case

1) why are you selling airtel SIM in retail on foot path, in front of shopping
malls and other areas…… are they fake ?

2) if the documents provided at the time of submission is correct and the
currency is added to my number then how did the documents got manipulated ?

3) as a customer what else can i do, i have gone to verify why this happened at
airtel outlet and gone to shop from where i got the airtel sim and spoke to the
person who accepted the documents and they work for Airtel, called customer
care many times……

This is purely your mistake in handling the documents and process that you
follow is also shows that you want to eat away customers money and there is no
one to assist.

They say that they will give 30 days time to submit the documents and they have
terminated the connection on 17th of march……. all these days i have been
trying to converse for solution and today they say that “nothing can be

What happened to my SIM card and the Currency that i put on this

The documents from mobile stores was handed over to Airtel employee
Santosh(9945323415) and here after the to airtel… so non handling of
documents is happening at your end.

Its not just my issue at mobile stores but many customers are facing this
issue. People are showing their dissatisfaction towards the processing and the

My question is till the time the customers documents are confirmed they will
not activate it, but after confirmation only they add currency…… when there
is such a stupid act which took place at your end, why cant you return our

now my documents is miss used…… i dont know who is using my documents for
their number….if it is wrong hands then you are responsible…

I want my money back and i want the connection too… if not this number, some
other number will also be fine.

SIM details : 89914500030080598277

MSISDN : 8971474397

IMSI : 404450308059827

PKD Dt : 22/01/10

I am also user of airtel connection…… i have changed my family member¿s
numbers from other operators to airtel, saying that this is the best….. but
now i am shaken and cant believe there is lot of cracks within airtel.

My details : Sunil Kumar. N

Ph : 9900322377

I am available till sunday in bangalore.

awaiting a quick response from you…

Sunil Kumar


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