Terminate and refund the money

Location/place: Panaji Goa

Name of company/service: TATA AIG Personal Accident Policy

Sub: Request to terminate my policy with TATA AIG and refund of amount

Dear Sir

I have taken a Personal Accident Plan from TATA AIG over the phone the details are

Policy No: BTM10000002406

Insured Name: Manimant Singh

Monthly Premium : Rs 688.00 (Rs 701.00 Inc of 12.36% service tax that time)

Sum Assured: Rs 20,00,000.00

Date of Commencement: 29 October 2008

Expiry Date: 28 October 2009

In spite of policy expired on 28 Oct 2009 TATA AIG is continually charging monthly premium through my credit card. In the policy document it was clearly mentioned that policy period is for one year and even the expiry date was mentioned in it. In additional Information booklet provided by the TATA AIG on Page no 6 Part D : Uniform Provision under point no 5 Expiration Date it is clearly mentioned that “ This policy will terminate at the expiration of the period for which premium has been paid or on the Expiration date shown in the Proposal and Declaration Form and Policy Schedule, whichever is earlier.” Further TATA AIG has never taken any consent from me for continuation of the policy and no letter or intimation was provided regarding the same to me.

After realizing the fact first I have called to the customer care no. (1800228244) provided along with the policy documents but no reply and response was given, I have written very first mail to [email protected] giving all the details of my policy and asked to terminate my policy immediately on 21st Jan 2010. Subsequently I have sent few more reminders on the same mail ID but no reply has come. In between, I have received a call from TATA AIG regarding the policy than also I updated about the situation to Customer care executive but he was unable to provide any help and the same I mentioned in my mail and sent again to [email protected]

Later, I came across to one employee of TATA AIG Mr Sanket Verekar and forwarded my request to him. He confirmed me of forwarding my mail to proper person and assured of necessary action at TATA AIG end.

But later, I realized that my policy is still in continuation then I forwarded my mail once again to [email protected] in the month of May 2010.

When this mail also went unaddressed, I called at customer support no of TATA AIG and asked to terminate my policy with immediate effect, they have accepted my request and issued cancelation request no. which is 869401.

After receiving the cancelation request no. I was assured that no further money will be charged from my credit card in future.

Later going through the card statement I have realized that TATA AIG is cheating me and it has charged me all the months for the policy.

I paid the monthly charges willingly up to Oct 28 2010(Expiry Date of policy) but later TATA AIG has cheated me by charging me on my credit card without my consent. Going through to their unethical behavior and response I have very much doubts, in case of any miss happening to me they would have never settled my claims.

Sir, I have tried every possible channel ie mail, customer support no. and employee of TATA AIG but no one is responding to my request deliberately and they are continuously charging me without my consent. I request you to help me out of this policy termination issue. I will be very great full to you and your organization to help me get my money back from the TATA AIG which they have deducted throughout the policy tenure because of their malice and unethical practices. The total calculation of my claim towards the TATA AIG is

Policy Period
Paid Amount
Refund Claimed

29 Oct 08- 28 Oct 09

29 Oct 09- 28 Oct 10

29 Oct 10 -30 Nov 10


Looking for your co-operation. I am also attaching the policy document scan copy for your kind ref.

Thanks and Regards

TATA AIG010.pdf (288 KB)

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