Talktime not received

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: Airtel Mobile service

Dear Sir
I recharged my prepaid no: 9831073618 for Rs 200/- from the HDFC Bank’s website. However , even though I received a confirmation message from 555555 that the recharge had been successful , I have not received the required talktime on my number. Since afternoon , I have called Airtel’s customercare many times but no one seems to be able to help me in this regard.
I called up the customercare in the evening but after a lot of dillydallying and trying to explain away this issue the customercare executive came up with a novel explanation that I call up a no *121*6# (or something like that) and that I would find my balance to be Rs 12550/- , or something which I need to finish in 3 days time.
I did a normal recharge through the abovementioned site for Rs 200/- and got your message from tha number 555555, that my talktime was Rs 179.28, which means that my recharge was a regular one. Therefore the talktime should be credited to my number immediately.
My various interactions with Airtel’s customercare has been lousy to say the least and shows a lack of training from the organization to handle either customers or their issues.
Therefore, I request you to kindly ensure that my mobile no. is credited with the necessary talktime associated with recharge of Rs 200/- , ie Rs 179 .28/- immediately and this company should be suitably penalised for taking their customers for a ride.

Amit Kapoor

Transaction details.doc (74 KB)


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