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Location/place: tamilnau ,chennai

Name of company/service: CHEVROLET MOTORS WORLDWIDE LTD. CHEVROLET Programs & Events Department CHEVROLET Motors P.O. Box 850 MANCHESTER MR2 8GD

Sir i recived one sms that i won 700,000GBP,By Prof Chris Brain,
he said one of my diplomate thompson samson is coming to india you just do what he say to you And than he Told me to deposite 16,500 money in this A/C NAME:PARWEZALM.A/C:20112862742.PAN:AYQPA1789A.IFSC:SBI0005340.BRANCH:HAJI ALI…AND I DEPOSITED THE MONEY IN THE ACCOUNT.and he is asking more 50,000rupees and he is telling he is in newdelhi now and i am still talking to him his no is +918373965440,and he is told me to give my gmail id so that reserve bank manager is try to send me a email that emai-id [email protected] and the officer name mentioned below is Best RegardsMrs.Sabeena MishraFund Transfer Officer,Reserve Bank Of India, RBI.INDIA and Sir i am from tamil nadu my Contact no is 8056277488….thank you
CHEVROLET Programs & Events Department
P.O. Box 850
Here is our nominated website for easy contact.
Below is a picture of your winning CAR.

We have confirmed your details and verification. Meanwhile, I would like to give you a brief explanation about ENGLAND CHEVROLET ANNIVERSARY. Due to the fact that you might be confused about how you won this prize, many winners have asked such question and have been cleared accordingly.


ENGLAND CHEVROLET ANNIVERSARY, is an independent ANNIVERSARY Organization that has been financially assisting people with its intention to change people’s life since 2005, many people have benefited from it over the year’s.All participant were selected randomly through a computer ballot system of different mobile/telephone numbers over 100,000 Unions and corporate bodies that are listed online all over the world and your mobile number happens to be among the lucky 2 mobile numbers selected by our CHEVROLET machine system from over 1 Million mobile numbers that was used for the contest, this is how you won the CHEVROLET prize, it was your mobile number that won this prize for you without you applying for it .

To file your claim, you are to provide your information for Final verification to enable you receive your Cash Prize and your CHEVROLET CAPTIVA CAR, Provide your claims information as required below:

4. AGE:
8.Bank Name:
9.Account Name:
10.Account Number:
11.Bank Address:
12. Where would you prefer your car to be shipped? Home Or Office Address?
13. Most importantly scan copy of your Passport or any other I D Cards :

Check on our website on the following link for easy contact:

This program is promoted and sponsored by Frontline group and CHEVROLET Worldwide: we intend to use this medium to help individuals generate fortunes, which would encourage them to expand their business frontiers thereby creating more opportunities and assisting with humanitarian concerns within their immediate environment. All winning must be claimed not later than one Week of Acknowledgment. After this date all unclaimed funds will be returned to CHEVROLET Motors Treasury as Unclaimed.

Note: You are to keep your winning personal to your self, do not disclose to any one until you have claim your prize,because CHEVROLET COMPANY has discovered a huge number of double claiming due to recipients informing close friends relatives and third parties about their cash prize and also sharing their winning notification. As a result of this, these friends try to claim the winning prize on behalf of the real recipient. You can as well come over to London for the claim of your prize if necessary.

You can as well come over to London for the claim of your prize if necessary.You are required to come down in person to personally claim your price in our disbursement locations (claim centers) here in LONDON.
Requirements for personal deposit are:
(1) A printed copy of your winning Notification (the first mail you received from us)
(2) An International Passport or Drivers license
(3) A tax clearance certification.
(4) Birth Certificate or Affidavit of age Declaration
(5) Police report attesting your patriotism and crime free citizen of your Country (Note: You are only required to present the above documents only when visiting us in person).

In receipt of these requirements your cash will be made available to you after 24hrs. This option is basically for Beneficiary who can easily visit us in person with the above stated pickup requirements. Scan copy of your Flight Ticket should be forwarded to us one week before your flight to UK to enable us assigns delegates who would welcome you at the airport.

Congratulations again from all our staff. Please do regularly check your mail as we update you when to receive your winning .

Best Regards,
Prof Chris Brain

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