Sever Network Signal Issue All of Sudden since 21 Feb evening

Hi ,

My No : 9007129106
My Address where am facing issue :
Your complete address & landmark:
Sayantika Co-op Housing Society , Building no NP- 370 , Flat : B-2/6 , Sector-
5 , Salt Lake , Kolkata – 700102.
Land mark – Opposite to Technopolis , Sector-5

Since Feb21st Evening , I started having network disturbance at my residence place.
I called 121 mentioning the issue and told to take a complain , they dint not resister a complain telling there is
Network maintenance going on for this Area and will be resolve in 4 hours ,
30 Hours passed but I was still facing the issue , after calling 3 times even they dint lodge a complain for me , untill I send a mail to 121 on 23rd .

They told me it will be done by 28t, but nothing happened .
Withing these 7 days , I did all possible thing from my side to make sure its not issue with my handset which invoked th issue suddenly .

After many mail exchanges :
Below is the last mail I send to them and the reply they gave ::

Appelate team called me and telling in order to resolve your issue we need to install a “repeater” device and they wont untill they have revenue generation of 8-9 thousand in 6 months .
How it is associated with me at all ?? am at the same place same location never faced any issue in two years , and all of sudden it started happening , so its their concern not mine .
Even if they need to , I can show you my last 5 months BIll ..
Among last 5 bills , 3 month i got 2500 bill (each month), one month 1700+ and one month 1300+ . total crossing ( 9+ thousand)

My latest mail to Airtel Level 3 escalation team:
Dear Nikita,

I am little confused with your reply , as it does not specifically mention
when the issue is going to be resolved ( EAT – 24 hrs , 48 hrs .. so on …) ,
and the future reference exactly mean when ??

About the below mentioned point in your mail :

The team has confirmed availability of adequate outdoor coverage in your area;
however, in deep indoor and basement the coverage may be weak. For your
information, the strength of signals on your handset screen can vary due to the
atmospheric conditions and topography affecting the radio waves.

I have been in the same place since last 2+ years , and had never faced any
network issue untill 21st Feb evening. So what is that suddenly changed , for
sure its network issue. as

– I have not been moved to any basement or deep indoor location !! (if the
indoor location is problem , why it was not happening earlier )

– On 22nd Feb your customer care representative (121) told there is network
maintenance going on and this will be resolved in 4 hours ( so why he mentioned
network maintenance matter if the issue is not that )

– There has been no sudden buildings that was build or as per you, “change in
topology” which will block the network and to also mention when am out on
balcony ( which is actually facing the main sector 5 service road) still the
issue happens . Where as I am not facing this 1 KM away with same mobile hand
set , so how can this be hand set issue .

– I have already replaced to a new SIM.

– I have also checked in other handsets using my sim .

– There are other people on same floor who use other network carriers and face
absolutely no issue !

If you can clarify the above things that will be really helpful .


I went to the highest escalation team , Airtel appellate team with my concern .
I told them the whole scenario how this is problem from their side , And below is mail is one of the latest responses I got . They indirectly denied to resolve the issue and giving unreasonable /vague excuses
Dear Ms. Mohanty,

This is in reference to your email dated 28th February 2015 regarding network issue for airtel mobile number 9007129106.

Basis our discussion dated 28th February 2015 on your airtel mobile number 9007129106 we would like to inform you that on receipt of your complaint, we have raised service request and our technical team has conducted a network survey in your area. The team has confirmed availability of adequate outdoor coverage in your area; however, in deep indoor and basement the coverage may be weak. For your information, the strength of signals on your handset screen can vary due to the atmospheric conditions and topography affecting the radio waves.

Your feedback acts as the roadmap for our planning and decisions on network deployment and we have noted your address for the same. Network enhancement involves clearance and approvals from local authorities and owing to some external factors it may not be possible to provide you a specific time frame for resolving your specific concern.

We appreciate your understanding and patience; please feel free to write back to us for feedback or suggestion.
Airtel regrets the inconvenience caused to you.
Airtel appreciates your business and always welcomes your suggestions/feedback.
Customer touch points:
Level 1: Customer care: 121/198 & [email protected], working Hours – 24/7
Level 2: Nodal Team: [email protected] & (9831234865), working hours: 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM: Monday to Friday.
Level 3: Appellate Authority: [email protected] & (9831844865), working hours: 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM. Monday to Friday.
Please visit our website for a range of products and services.

Yours sincerely
Nikita Bindra
bharti airtel limited

I’m a post paid connection holder / a platinum customer since last 4+ years with Airtel ( My average yearly bill crossing 30 Thousand ) and this is how they are treating .

I appreciate your help in this Regard.

Thanks & Regards,
Amruta Mohanty


2 responses to “Sever Network Signal Issue All of Sudden since 21 Feb evening”

  1. Amruta Mohanty Avatar
    Amruta Mohanty

    My Airtel SR# was 60468176 .. And they have closed the service request yesterday , without even giving me a call , let apart resolving the issue ..

  2. Rounak Maheshwari Avatar
    Rounak Maheshwari

    Hi Mohanty,

    This is airtel and this company has lot of ego and their customer service team put the same reply to all customer complain without looking into the matter. even I faced any issues which I raised also but no point, they don’t respect the customer.
    My issues that I raised are :-
    Issue one :- Discontinuation of data services by airtel
    On 19th Aug my data services were blocked by you on account of full usage of data, however I have checked my bill and found that I have used only 1500 mb of data in the whole month whereas I had subscription of 1GB data in bill plan and 1GB additional data subscribed by me on 10th Aug. hence in total I had 2 GB data but you discontinued my services on 19th Aug without full utilisation of data and forced me to subscribe additional data pack which I did by subscribing 2 GB data pack.
    my question and issues are –
    1) Why my data was stopped ?
    2) I will not bear the cost of additional data plan subscribed by me on 19th Aug as because of your mistake I subscribed it and moreover since 19th Aug I am unable to use dataservice.
    3) Since because of airtel I was not able to use my data subscribed on 10th Aug, I request you to please provide me the compensation for the same by providing me additional data in current month.

    Issue two – Non availability of data
    Since 19th Aug my data service is not working, and although you mailed me that issue is resolved on 22nd Aug, the truth is that issue is not yet resolved and still I am unable to use my data services which is causing serious problems.
    according to me reason can be non assignment of data to my account. As same issue I faced in last month also and the reason was non assignment of data at airtel’s end.

    Issue three – Excess billing
    for current month airtel has raised bill of Rs 1988/- charging as followed –
    375 bill plan + 300 (for 1gb data pack) + 450 (2gb data pack) + ST + data charges for excess utilisation
    Now I want to bring your attention to the point that I have used only 1500 mb of data which gets covered in my 1gb data plan that I get in my bill plan and 1 gb additional bill plan subscribed for Rs 300 on 10th Aug. so there is no excess utilisation of data.
    Further as emphasised in issue one that I subscribed 450 plan because you discontinued my data services hence I request you not to charge me for the subscription as neither I needed that nor I was able to use it as since 19th Aug I am unable to use my data service.

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