Services Blocked without any notification

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: TATA Walky

My father has borrowed a connection (TATA Walky, Postpaid) on July 2012 from an agency with all valid documents. But since last 3 weeks my incoming / outgoing service has been blocked without any alert. When I contacted to TATA office (TATA communication Building, Ultadanga, Kolkata), they told the reason for negative CV. They told me to submit all valid documents photo copy.
When I again gone to submit those docs on 6th Sep 2012, they didn’t receive that and generated a ticket for physical inspection for address verification within 10th Sep 2012. But till then nobody has been came to my house for enquiry.
When I contacted to customer care (121), they advised me to contact to TATA office again.

Now the thing is that, I am not free for all time and I have paid exact amount for that service. So why should I have to oiling your officers?

Behavior of some officers is so root. I think they should know how to deal a customer with politeness.

I hope my problem will resolve ASAP.

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