service not good

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: expressit logistics worldwide ltd

Dear Sir

I have never seen such a lazy/sluggish and non-sincere courier company in my life. I am working for a company. All couriers sent thru the EXPRESSIT either delivered very late or not at all delivered to me.
They deliver tappals according to their convenience. They are not at all sincere. Four times I got SMS from them that one document could not be delivered to and so asked me to contact in 2 number (080-32418532/25227684). When I tried to contact those numbers more than 100 times, THEY NEVER LIFTED THE PHONE. Instead after the call was over becos of no answer, THEY PUT DOWN THE RECEIVER AS IS THEY WERE ATTENDING ANOTHER CALL.
Not even a single time they lifted the phone. Even anybody can check those numbers. But in almost all SMS from EXPRESSIT, they furnish to contact those 2 numbers.
Becos of these bad/worst behavior of this, some of my couriers have been returned back to the sender. Lot of inconvenience becos of them.

I request you to do something to these non-sincere/Lazy persons otherwise lot of persons would be affected.

Yours faithfully

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