Location/place: new delhi

Name of company/service: Blazeflash couriers limited

Dear Concern,

i would like to bring under your consideration that i had sent two boxes comprising of visiting crads and two raymonds suit pieces in it to kanpur on 3rd november,My bill no is 117146000
but i am surprise to see that they promised me the same would get deliver by 5th positively it is after their assurance i used their services infact on the same day i had sent one box through DTDC which got delivered on the 5th itself as per their commitment now as my brother wedding is there we have to distribute the cards but unforunately we can not because of the fake commitment of the courier company blaze flash today i enquired the status as per their yesterday comitment now i have come to know its in sales tax ghazibad and would be delivered by 9th
infact after discussing this issue few other people i came to know blazeflash courier makes fake commitment and even its not sure also that they would deliver. Even anything can happen to my stuff it could be misplaced also now i am stuked plz help me i need to have the delivery on priority plz intervene these kind of co’s are breaching the trust of the customers infact its a service co. whrein its not delivering on its promises.

plz help


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  1. Kailash Chandra Avatar
    Kailash Chandra

    How very true ! Recently I was duped of over Rs.98000/= because of these people mysteriously “losing” my debit card which was sent to my address from Axis Bank. It never reached me, instead some crook got hold of it and swaped it for purchases at Ghaziabad ! Since then over a week has passes but neither the Bank nor Blazaflash has come up with any concrete solution as to how and when I shall get my hard earned money back.

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