Location/place: Pune

Name of company/service: Service

Not Available For TATKAL
I want to say this with very bad feel that all most all the govt. services are like this ” NOT AVAILABLE WHEN REQUIRED “.

Today 30-Mar-2011, I tried to book a tatkal ticket from Pune to Bhopal and i came to my office @ 7:30 to have a 6 MBPS speed connection so that there are no speed issues.

When I tried to login to $$%^$@ IRCTC website, I got a User Friendly message ” SERVICE UNAVAILABLE” which is obvious as the site govern by the govt. and till 8:23, I am continously getting that %^#%$ user friendly message.

I don’t know when they are not able to handle limited group of users how they will think of handling the increasing users of the country.

This is a service website and putting good UI , some AJAX, and catchy ICONS will not work IRCTC.It should be planned according to the load of the users or the website should be stopped and closed.

IRCTC is a major supporter of agents and now i will have to pay 300 extra or will have to go in waiting and hanging here and there in the train because for me it is URGENT to go.


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