Scam by Meru cabs

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Meru Cabs

I booked a Meru cab online for a distance of 6-7 kilometers. They sent me an email and sms confirming that the cab will be sent. Half an hour before the scheduled time, they also sent me a sms containing the drivers number and cab number. When the cab did not show up, I called the driver and he said he will be there in 5 mins and call me when he reaches.

When he did not show up, I kept calling and the driver never picked up the call. When I called the call center, they said, ‘he waited, and then he left’. I knew this to be a lie because I had checked with the security at the main gate and they told me that there was no Meru which reported for pick-up.

Fuck Meru. If they don’t want to honor short distances, they should let people know before hand, and no lie. What a way to do business. This was the second time it happened to me, the first time I thought it was a mistake, but now I know this is what these guys do.

Never take a Meru. Take Easycabs or Auto rickshaws instead.


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