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i am a costumer of quiker website and in that website i just had a transaction with a company named costco and they mailed me with the email id [email protected].
they told me that they are supplier of i-phone 4g 32 gb and can provide me at $350 and they asked for some advance to be paid for the confirmation of the product and for the clearance of the shipping bills.so after a long conversation it was decided that i will submit $70 to them in advance.and i just submitted that amount in sbi bank on 26.05.2011 as told accordingly and now its about 14 days that they din’t diliver me my product and giving me 100Ds of excuses and forcing me to submit more n more amount in there a/c and when i refused so they told me that then it will be difficult for them to send me my product.see i am a student of class 12th in kanpur.and i am in a big trouble as 3154/- is quite big amount for me and i really realised bad for doing this.so plz help me out of this.
i will be very thankfull for you all my life if you can provide me with any of the information of them as regarded.

here is the attach copy of the payment slip of bank for the submission of such amount.
and the invoice send by them via e-mail.

thank you

best regards
mayank khattri


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  1. I have paid $240 to the same company and same thing happened to me. This should be taken to the cyber crime department.

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