Samsung refuses to replace motherboard damaged during updating software by Samsung Service Center

I have Samsung Note II (GTN 7100) Cell. For quite some time, My cell would not be able to access the wifi at my residence. However it could pick up wifi signals from other hotspots.
When I approached the Samsung Authorized Service Center at Lamington Road, Mumbai (Sharp Enterprises) on17-Feb-15, I was told the problem was with the software and that it needed to be updated. After the software was updated, the cell began to get hanged. The camera would not respond too. At the Samsung Authorized Service Center I was told this was because the mother-board had got damaged. Since the cell was working perfectly well before the software was updated, evidently the motherboard was damaged in course of the updating procedure by the Samsung staff. While they agreed to this, they refused to replace the motherboard, saying they were not liable for this.


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