Samsung LCD TV display problem

Location/place: Aluva

Name of company/service: Samsung

I had bought an LCD TV(Model no:LA22A450C1) from QRS Retail Ltd Pathanamthitta on 11/9/2008. From the 1st week of December 2010 it started showing the complaint that while switching on the TV only a black screen will appear for some time(sound comes immediately) and its picture comes only after about 10-15mts. I had complained about the problem to the Samsung customer care and a service personnel from Ernakulam Mr.Jaison came and attended the problem. Since he could not recognize the actual problem he asked me to take the TV to their service center in Ponoth road Palarivattom Kochi. Since the approach road to the service centre was under repair vehicle movement to service centre was not possible. So I carried the TV by hand and walked all the way to the service centre for about ½ km from the main road. The service centre personnel checked it and told me that the display panel of the TV has got damaged and repair cost will come to around Rs10000/-. Also they told that at present they didn’t have spare panel available with them and they have to order the company to get it. So I asked them to return back my TV since I was not interested to spend this much huge amount as repair cost for a TV bought only about 2yrs back. Instead I can think of buying a new LCD TV by investing few more money. I can assure you that the failure of my TV has never happened due to my handling mistake since I used to handle it with extreme care and to avoid any voltage fluctuation problem I am using a stabilizer also.

Till date I had very good faith in Samsung products and most of my house hold items are of Samsung and infact I used to advise my friends/relatives also to buy Samsung products. But this incident had caused total dissatisfaction to me and here after I can never advise anybody to buy Samsung products. So I expect a reputed company like you to repair my TV free of cost so as to get me back the faith I had in Samsung products since it is hardly 2yrs that I bought it and I never expect your LCD TV to fail with in such a low time period.

I am attaching the invoice/receipt copy along with this letter for your reference. Kindly arrange to repair my TV as early as possible.

Yours faithfully

Mani A.H.S
Mob: 08089736646


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