Rude Behaviour of young recriuted staff

Location/place: Part5apur, Meerut U. P.

Dear Sir,

With a great discomfort I had to write this email. I went to SBI – Industrial Estate, Partapur

Meerut, U. P. to deposite some money in my friend account. I don’t have account in the same bank. This bank has a large number of rural farmers account holder.

There was a young recently recruited clecrk, who was dealing with cash receiving section on

Dec/18/2010 saturday. He was scolding and abusibg every rural farmer or uneducated client in a harash manner. I think he hails from Bihar or Eastern U. P. , he was using some double meaning words, which I can’t state here. Even SBI bank guard was supporting him and he was also treating the customers as slaves.

I haven’t seen such a rude and untolerable behaviour in any private or nationalised bank. Its a matter of a tradition of SBI to respect their customers. but these young recruited employees are endangering the SBI tradition.

Please Sir do the needfui to learn these clercks how to behave in an appropriate manner.

An aware citigen of India


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