Reliance 3G data not received

Location/place: Siliguri

Problem #1- Affected number- 9641577771

I did a recharge of RS 1300 on 24th may and as per your plan I should get 15GB of 3G Data. Initially I was getting fine 3G speeds. But whenever I check my balance by sending “MBAL” to 55333 it always showed 3072MB and never decreased. So, I was getting my 3G speed. But since yesterday I started getting 2G speed of 100kbps. When I again sent the message , this time my data usage was getting deducted but I was getting 2G speeds. So, I called up your customer service and they said that I have a large amount of 3G data left. But along with that I also have some 2G data and for some reason my usage is being deducted from the2G data at 2G speed. Which I never recharged. Your customer services is very poor i have called more than 20 times and am still facing the problem.

Problem #2 – Number: 8509010771

I did a recharge of Rs 1099 today and should get 3G data of 10 GB. I called customer service they said I have around 1GB of 3G data and again some amount of 2G data. I have no idea where the 2G data came from and why is there no 10Gb of 3G data in my account.

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