refund of subscription

Location/place: chikkaballapur/karnataka

Name of company/service: Shriram chits (Karnataka) pvt. ltd

Dear sir, I opted to be subscriber in a chit group to facilitate the expenditure for my mothers surgery in Nov 2009,but for reasons best known to them the company failed to commission the chit. I wrote to them on 14th jan 2010 asking for a refund which was very needed for the said surgery which was to be scheduled. They have not returned the money so far. Like this is not enough my mother who is recuperating after the surgery is misguided to go to various branches in bangalore and submit documents randomly and also being spoken to very rudely. Nobody has a right to treat a sick person so badly. I have repeatedly sent registered letters both to the branch and the HO asking for the money (Rs8100-subscription -Rs. 7500 plus joining fees)Kindly get me justice and punish the callous oficers of this fradulent company.

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