Reebok Summer Kit -incomplete delivery

Location/place: Karwar, Karnataka

Name of company/service: India Today book club

I had placed an order no 77700046110 of 19 Aug 09 for Reebok Summer Kit.
I have recd an incomplete order with the sun glasses and sipper missing. Repeated complaints have been lodged with customer care personnel as follows:-
– on 31 Aug 09 & 03 Sep09 thg Mr Rashid complaint no 193632 dt 03 Sep 09.
– on 22 Sep 09 thg Ms Sarita.
– on 12 Oct 09 thg Ms Sunita complaint no 220089.
– on 21 Oct 09 thg Mr Kapil complaint no 225378.
– today 10 Nov 09 thg Mr Ajay who refused to take down the complaint or any further followup saying system was down and to call up after 3 days.

In all the above complaints I was assured that the balance items would be despatched within a couple of days, but nothing has happened so far. All efforts to speak to anyone elase has met with stonewalling by customer care, as today, which in anycase is very difficult to access.
It is requested that the items be despatched earliest.

Sanjiv Malhotra

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