recycled my cell phones number

Location/place: karnataka/mysore

Name of company/service: airtel

I have been using Airtel’s prepaid number 9900455584 and 9611116789 from past 7 and 3 years. For the last 2 months i was not using this number since i had to travel frequently out of town. last week when i reinserted my sim card,incoming calls are coming but out going calls are barred. So i went to Airtel’s customer care There Airtel’s representative told me that the number has been permanently disconnected and has been installed on some new sim card, hence i cannot get this number back.

I ‘ve this number on my visiting cards. More than 2000 people/clients have this number. I feel completely devastated. I need this number back at any cost.

How can airtel disconnect this connection without any notice? Even if i was not using this sim card they do have our e-mail id, residential address, alternate number. Cant they even sent one notification?

I feel really cheated.How can i get my number back ? Please help.


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