Recharge Not Reached

Location/place: Noida

Name of company/service: Aircel

I would like to bring it to your notice that I had given a retailer 50 Rs, for easy recharge, and i got a confirmatory message from the aforesaid company that my transaction is under process.I needed to refill my account because i had an urgent confirmatory(incentive discussion) interview for the purpose of summer internship at galloup talent firm USA, scheduled at 3 am as per Indian standard time.I had to call the said firm for the interview.Since the retailer did not had the voucher i had to rely only on the easy recharge that i had paid for in the evening.
I did not receive the recharge till 12 am in the morning so i called the customer care, picked by a customer care executive Mr.Rahul, I informed him that i had not yet received the recharge and i needed it urgently for a call and since it was midnight i had no option other than waiting for the flexi-recharge.He gave me a complaint number 1-11836596448, and assured that the problem was due to network congestion and would be solved as soon as possible.
It has been about 22 hours i have not yet received the recharge, and i also missed my interview which was very urgent.Besides this I am calling continuously to the customer care they are disconnecting my call saying that my voice is not clear.
I want to file a claim of 5000 for causing me mental pain and monetary loss by being unable to contact the firm for finalizing the remuneration


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