Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Dish TV

V.C.: 01510526799

Mobile: 9980044537

Why should I recharge if you are charging Rs 21 as late payment fee?
For your kind information I was out of station as on a vacation and dont understand why should I recharge where I know no one will be there available @ home to watch TV. If its like that then it like you are demanding the fund from a customer for nothing and its not like you have left the option for the customer to decide whether he needs to recharge or not. There is no sense of making this where as as per my knowledge non of the service provider except DishTV has implemented this kind of cheap policy & idea to make money.

After all it should be the end user’customer’s decision to make a recharge as per his channel viewing requirement.

I never promote this kind of cheap business policy.

I look forward your quick response on this regard.



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