Name of company/service: jahnavi infrastructures pvt ltd

i hav purchased a propery near hyderabad from a hyderabad based realestate pvt ltd company in 2008.and got it registered in my name.and the realestate people also executed an assurance agreement ,under taking to buy back the property for double the sale consideration after a period of two years,if i intends to sell the same to them. later i found that they shown one plot and alloted another plot without making any developments,

inspite of several corrrespondance there was a no proper reply.hence i sent a notice to them to call upon them to purchase the property for my personal reasons.for the last two years i they hav tourchered me and hence i was depressed due to following events.,indirectly they have cheated me. they have neither alloted the plot nor returned the money..

i seek an easy and fast track advise,as i need the money for my family purpose.

how to get back my amount by proceeding frm consumer forum..and how much fee they charge and where i have to file case..

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