re-employment issue

Location/place: New Delhi

Name of company/service: Nex-Tenders India Pvt. Ltd.

I have done my job in Nex-Tenders india pvt. ltd., but in november 2011, I am suffered from a disease due to which i have required some bed rest, for this I have issue medical certificate of 3 months to company for my leaves, but they said it is not possible for them to granting leave for such a long period and said me for termination and also said me that I will be reconsider for re-employment once i will be recovered, now i am ready to take job responsiblity, but now they are not either receiving my phone call and also not replying to my email in this regard.
They gave me such sudden termination without giving me salary for my medical leaves even they have force me to issue medical certificate and said they will give me paid leaves, once i will issue medical certificate to them, instead of this they have not give me complete salary and also they have not give me 1 month advance salary on terminating as in the offer letter and also till now they have not give me my provident fund money, I am requested you to please help me , please contact me at
[email protected]


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