Push Sale

Location/place: Dumdum, Kolkata.

Name of company/service: Dumdum Gas Supply Agency

Dumdum Gas Supply Agency is a dealer/ distributor of Indane gas(L.P.G.) When I was appeared for a new connection, the company was bounded me to taken few washing materials (like floor cleaner, detergent ..) as Sulekha set. The manager of the company ( Mr. Swapan Dutta) tried to convince me ” all those goods manufactured n marketed by I.O.C”. I said to mr.Dutta, please show me the written,he shows a printed “Indne” on carry bag- where those washing martial was damped. On that time I was refuse to took those, Mr.Dutta said, they sold those item on order/ ins traction of I.O.C, & I am bounded to bye those( if I need a new domestic Gas connection). He also said “I am not authorize for asking any written” for this.

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