Problem in the inverter within 1 week of purchase

Location/place: 002-Taj Apartment,Abul Fazal Enclave,Jamia Nagar,Okhla,New Delhi-25

Name of company/service: Microtek/Domestic Inverter

Dear Sir/Madam,

I had purchased a Microtek inverter-Model No.-UPSEB600,S.NO#12DGANU10052,for domestic use,on 6th May,2012 from Alam Power solution –F-A/97.Thoker No.4,Kalindi Kunj Road,Abul Fazal Enclave,Okhla,New Delhi-110025.

Within 1 week from the date of purchase , the inverter went out of order and was unable to provide to supply, during a power cut . Upon approaching the dealer,we were told that nothing can be done/ replacement is not possible,its only the company that would take a call. After Lodging a complaint, the service technician called up the next day.Since I was driving,I told him that would call up in 5 minutes. However,when I called up the technician after 5 minutes,he kept on disconnecting my call/ did not respond to my call.Since I kept on calling him,finally at 8.30pm he responded to my call and told me that he could not come the same day.

The next day he reported at 3.30pm to repair the inverter.However,the very same night,the inverter again went out of order/ started beeping even without a power cut,and all the fans/lights connected to the inverter went off,leaving us in an extremely inconvenient situation at 3.30am in the night.

Today,upon calling up the helpline No I was told that again a technician would be sent to check if there is a loose connection. I am unable to understand that how can a brand new inverter have such problem,and if at all it had,was the service technician so incompetent that he could not detect it in his first visit.

This attitude of the dealer as well as of your company,amounts to complete harassment of the consumer,who has spent Rs.12000/- on the inverter and battery.

After lodging a complaint for the second time on 31st May,2012,the service technician called us on Sunday-3rd June,i.e 2 days after the complaint,whereas I was told that the technician would come the very next day.

This very clearly shows that once its product is sold,Microtek believes in serving its customer as per their convenience and timelines and does not acknowledge the customer’s grievance and agony.

I do not want any more false promises from your company and want an immediate replacement of my inverter which broke down within 1 week of its purchase and after one visit of your Service technician to rectify this problem.

Thank You.
Zeba Khan
Jamia Nagar-Okhla


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