Printvenue is fraud company took my money and now not replying

On 15th Sept i made payment of 2900 rs to Printvenue and they cancelled my order. I contacted them several times through phone and email, but they didn’t replied. I literally begged for getting my money back but they never listened.

This is the email I sent to [email protected]


Hello Sir/Madam,

My order was cancelled as per the ticket no – 427413 (dated sept 15
2020) with information that my money will be credited back to my
wallet. Approximately my 2900 Rs is stuck in this process.

I emailed printvenue several times for crediting the amount and made
call to customer care also didn’t gave satisfactorily answer.

These are my ticket numbers for credit my money to my wallet –

None of the tickets are being answered or closed after credit of my money.

I wanted to order gifts from Printvenue, but my 2900 Rs are stuck and
I don’t want to debit my card again and get more money stuck to

Kindly credit my money so that I can proceed to order.

Thanks & Have a nice day!


But they looted my money and never tried to resolved my tickets.

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