poor service & response, faulty website, technical inefficiency

Location/place: hyderabad

Name of company/service: sharekhan limited

I am a small trader, trading with Sharekhan Limited with client id 583197. I would like to bring into your notice that Sharekhan has problem with its website and I faced it quiet frequently in last 6 months but on last trading day it made me to suffer a loss.

On 11th Feb 2010 I faced a loss due to their technical snag in their website.

On that day I sold 65 shares of RENUKA SUGAR in NSE which I was holding and was about to square-off the trade at 3:05 pm.

But from 3:05 pm – 3:30 pm I was unable to log into their website and it was giving me error like “Your request cannot be processed now ,please try after some time”, and I kept on trying till the end, and finally the market closed and I suffered a loss of around Rs.3700.

I tried to square-off the trade over phone also, but could not reach them and was put on hold for a long time. This is the worst service of Sharekhan and I bet if anyone can get hold of customer care executives during the trading hours and not even on Saturdays also.

I am not a big trader and have not seen the amount of profit in last 6 months of my trading life that I lost on that day.

This was not my fault and the loss I faced was entirely due to the technical failure of their. I wrote number of mails to them after that and got no reply so far.

I would not recommend anyone to go for Sharekhan.

Please trust me, you can have your worst lifetime experience here in just few months

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