Poor Service for Split AC

Location/place: Jankapuri New Delhi

Name of company/service: LG Electronics

I registered a complaint for repair (gas leakage) to LG on Friday . I requested LG to finish everything in one day (next day) since the split AC unit is located in the balcony of my neighbor upstairs. They promised they will send somebody . The technician committed on Saturday before 12 . But at the last moment backed out . After lot of haggling and begging they sent somebody at 4 for first level of service who just confirmed that it is gas leakage and they will sent somebody only on sunday. The gas technicians team confirmed before 9 AM on Sunday . But as usual nobody came till 12 and they all switched of their phones till that time. I had to request my neighbor time and gain this change of programs. After 12 PM they came and filled the gas and fixed the leakage but still the compressor used to shut on its own after 10 mins of usage. I pointed that out and the technician indicated saying that it will get ok in 2-3 hrs as the gas comes into effect only after that. He promised to check back again in the evening. But after that he backed out and switched off his phone. Now i ma stuck till next weekend to get this fixed and they have taken money also from me. I am planning to do a stop payment tomorrow as thy have not done what they promised.


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