philips water purifier WP3891

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: philips water purifier

This is to inform you that I purchased one water purifier of Philips model No.WP3891 at a price of Rs.8000/- from Khosla Electeonics Pvt.Ltd.,110 Raja S.C.Mallick Rd.,Kolkata-700047 on 15/04/2009.Since installation of the water purifier the facility of getting water during power cut was not available.On complaint of non-functioning of the facility the company sent the Technicians,who on examination of the set,stated that the battery in question is not functioning.It is also stated that the battery needs to be replaced and company will do the same.Subsequently a no. of complaints made for replacement of the battery.But no action has yet been taken.Now if complaints are made no response is received from company.Afew latest complaints no. are given herewith for your informatiopn.In the circumstances I would request you kindly to take up the matter for redressal of my trouble.Reg NO.115821,137988,203036 dtd.12/4/2010,205199 dtd.21/4/2010,205876 dtd23/4/2010,88164 dtd.21/9/10,06998 dtd.6/10/10,008136 dtd.8/10/10,11/10/10,18/10/10,479167 dtd.26/11/10,9/12/10,60765 dtd.9/12/10,495344 dtd.21/12/10

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