Location/place: Delhi

Name of company/service: HDFC Bank Ltd

I have received the amount of Rs. 282180.00 in my Bank a/c no. 00271540045790 on 20th Feb ’10 without informing me. I did not have any documentation from bank that how much loan was approved, what was the interest rate for this amount. I even did not receive any letter/communication from bank. I did not need this loan from bank. On Monday when I contacted to the bank, I was told to write an email. They promised me that the loan amount will be taken back without any charges. I did not recieve any reply mail from bank. On 24th Feb ’10, I received a call from Mr. Harjot. He said that I have to pay the cancellation charges. Also the request for cancellation will be accepted at HDFC’s Pahar Ganj Branch. Since I was told that if I delay to cancel the loan, I will be charged some Rs. 15-20 thousand extra. Now when I visited to the branch to cancel the loan no. 16129917, I had to pay the cancellation charges (Rs. 1000) + interest for 6 days (Rs. 710) + Rs. 282180.00. If I talk of justification then why should I be the victim of one else’s mistake. In total I paid Rs. 1710/- extra out of my hard earned money. Please look in to the matter & help me getting my Rs. 1710/- back.



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  1. Gurshit Singh Avatar
    Gurshit Singh

    As I have never received any reply from bank for my concerns with Loan # 16129917. Yesterday (on 4th Feb 2010) the first installment of my loan also has been taken out of my a/c. Bank has taken Rs. 8015/- from my HDFC a/c.

    As per below email to the bank, I already have cancelled the Loan # 16129917 on 25th Feb 2010. I have paid two cheques # 945646 & 945647, for cancellation of loan in HDFC’s Paharganj Branch. I also have a bank receiving slip for the same. That time, I paid Rs. 1710/- extra to cancel the loan. Now Rs. 8015/-.

    Please help me getting this issue resolved.

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