PAN card not sanctioned

Location/place: Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Name of company/service: NSDL

i am lodging this complaint because for our PAN we have requested via online, the documents we have sent through the courier has been not sanctioned by them. the PAN card was on the name of my mother. we have sent the DD of Rs.96 along with the courier sent to them. now they are showing that the documents they have received in invalid because address proof we have sent to them doesn’t match. the address proof we have sent to them was our electricity bill which was addressed on my father’s name. now is it not their duty send an agent from their side to check whether the provided information was correct or not. in short we have to now consider that our total amount of about Rs.125 is drained off into gutter along with our courier expenses of about Rs.30. the reason behind my lodging of this complaint is that the NSDL should take forward the step to improve their services and this the reason due to which people prefer agents and pay them extra charges for getting a PAN card rather than registering it online. NSDL must take effective steps to improve their services. i know nothing can be done perfectly but can be done in satisfactory manner. thank you.


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