Paid for 7.2 Mbps EVDO USB card from BSNL , got 2.4Mbps card

Location/place: Noida,UP

Name of company/service: BSNL

I purchased a new EVDO USB card from BSNL on 17th Jan,2011. Currently BSNL is advertising internet over CDMA networks through EVDO USB cards at a peak speed of 3.1Mbps. So I got a receipt of EVDO card of 7.2Mbps(maximum downlink speed) . But When I got the actual card, its specification clearly indicate that it can only support maximum speed of 2.4Mbps. SO technically it can never support speeds more than 2.4Mbps(3.1Mbps provided by BSNL). When I inquired about the same and tried to convince them that I ordered for a 7.2Mbps card and the card provided to me is 2.4Mbps one, a senior official(regional Engineer) said that this is the card that is available and the new card ca not be provided. When I asked them that how a card of lower speed is going to support a network with higher than its capacity, he just replied saying that I am not going to get the speed anyway. At last when I told him that I may have to take legal action against this , he replied saying,”Do whatever you want.”

My original receipt copy clearly specifies EVDO USB card 7.2Mbps(2500 INR) but the instrument I got was,EVDO USB card 2.4Mbps


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