Owner Pradeep Pandey a cheat

Location/place: Chinchwad

Name of company/service: Max happy home solution

This is a company which was initially in Pimpri, within 6 months shifted to Dapodi and now in Empire Estate Chinchwad. The owner Pradeep Pandey is cheater. He does not have 200 customers but displays that he has 2 Lakh customers. His staff very ordinary and often changes every month. He makes members but later doesnt provide any service. Making members with some registration fees is the only way he tries to make money. he has changed his office two times in single year, he made some members in pimpri ran to dapodi, he made some members there, now he is in chinchwad, dont know after making members here where he will go. His address is C-11 Empire Estate, Old Mumbai-Pune Highway, Chinchwad. Do not fall prey to this cheater Pradeep Pandey. He will say he can solve any problem. He is jack of all master of none.


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