over booking by kingfisher redairlines

Location/place: mumbai

Name of company/service: kingfisher red airlines

Inspite of being one hour prior to my Chennai flight on 29th Oct 2010, me and my family of 5 members were not allowed to board the flight saying that we were late, by Kingfisher Red airlines..We were unnecessarily made to wait thereby delaying us further and later claiming that we had to report atleast 40minutes prior to the flight…This is a clear case of over booking and cheating done by Kingfisher Red airlines which claims to give good service but in true sense follows unethical business mehtods.This kind of disgraceful behaviour by Kingfisher staff will surely bring down the reputation of the airlines… These are good techniques to gain profit but will not last long and will give a severe blow to the airlines soon… I am entitled to receive the whole amount whereas Kingfisher Red airlines has deducted the basic fare amount which is just not acceptable thus saying it’s a ‘no show’…There are many such cases where my friends and relatives were not allowed to board flight even one hr prior to their departure…Such cases are coming across only with Kingfisher red airlines for which they will have to a pay heavy price some day. The staff of Kingfisher red is not only inefficient and slow in their work but also very shrewd in holding back their passangers deliberately and thereby delaying in giving their boarding pass.. They are very well trained in handling their passangers in a very inhuman way…Well done Kingfisher red airlines…Kingfisher Red Airlines Sucks…
Shame to the whole of Kingfisher Red airlines staff and Hon Vijay Mallya.

My connecting flight from Chennai to Port Blair also had to be cancelled due to this chaos.
This all led to my cancellations of all the bookings done for my Andaman Trip causing a heavy financial loss and mental stress…
My only question to Mr.Mallya is will he repay the financial loss I went thruough and bring back my dream trip to Andaman Island????

The colour red of the Kingfisher Red Airlines uniform suits them so well as it reflects DANGER…

If there is still some humanitarian feelings left within our country then my grievances will be heard to and resolved soon..


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