Outside food not allowed

Location/place: Bhavnagar,Gujarat

Name of company/service: Narayani Heritage , Hotel

Hi Sir,

I am staying in Narayani heritage hotel , bhavnagar , Gujarat,
Yesterday i ordered pizza from domino through phone , and asked him to deliver it to my room, but when he arrived at hotel , hotel manager didn’t allowed him inside, so pizza delivery boy called me and i told him i will collect it from outside, when i went out , Manager started behaving with me badly, shouting at me, he told me outside food not allowed in room, he told me if i bring pizza inside , than i have to vacant the room or i eat the pizza outside , He abused me a lot.
Finally after seeing too many people watching the scene he said okay i can eat it inside.

Please anyone can tell me anyone if i am wrong in ordering pizza from outside and this was my first time i ordered something in hotel.

Best regards

Kaushal Kishore


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