Order not delivered – cash not refunded

Location/place: Srinagar, Kashmir

Name of company/service: Naaptol

I have placed an online order on 23.07.2012 for Mark Peters 4 Premium Shirts + Free New Jersey Polo Club T-Shirt (Order ID 4487839) and after about 18 days I received a Parcel from Post Office against the cash payment of Rs. 2300/- However after opening the Parcel I was surprised to see that there is no Shirt present inside the parcel and only 4 (3+1) Polo Club T-Shirts have been sent to me which originally would have been a free gift with the order. A complaint was immediately lodged to the Customer Care, however, it too appears useless and a pure situation of trust deficit.

However, after some days I have received a mail from Naaptop Suport Center apologizing for inconvenience and has requested to return the whole parcel/order through Blue Dart Courier Service using their Centralized A/C.

Accordingly, as desired, the whole parcel/whole product has been send back to your warehouse vide Waybill No. 60142166501 dated 14.08.2012 of which the status of delivery has been tracked and stands delivered to your Warehouse on 17.08.2012 as detailed below:

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Waybill No : 60142166501
Pickup Date 14 August 2012
From Srinagar
To New Delhi
Date of Delivery 17 August 2012
Time of Delivery 11:20
Recipient Stamped

Since, it has been now about one month from the day on which parcel has been delivered at the “Warehouse” of and I am still waiting for delivery of my ordered items. Al though the online Track System shows that order has been shipped on 29.08.2012, but the customer is not able to validate this status and neither they are able to convey me the Parcel or AWB Number. To the maximum they are trained to ditch you by saying that “ an urgent request has been forwarded to the senior, who will contact you in one hour, six hours, 48 hours or six days bla blab la……. ” .. I am contacting the Customer care almost daily but all in vain. , they are just a bunch of incompetent idiot’s, and they never clarify any doubts or dispose the grievances. I am now taking the matter with my local consumer court and also with National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, Government of India
I have therefore reached the conclusion that “ is surely an online company set up for the purpose of duping people, they receive the payment and cancel delivery on whimsical grounds, this has happened to me and will happen to you also, the customer service agents are a bunch of incompetent idiot’s, they never clarify any doubts”

Imtiyaz Ahmad Parray
(M) 9906060441

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