ONIDA Installation

Location/place: Chennai

Name of company/service: CKR Consulting

I have purchased ONIDA SPLIT AC on 02 nd may 2011 in chennai (Vasnth & Co) ,The purchasing time the shop guy told me same day or tomoroww installation. Now iam waitting 5 days No response the shop guys and Onida also
its Response in Onida


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  1. Varun Daga Avatar
    Varun Daga

    I have lodged a complain 2 days back with a assurance to attend the complain in the evening. Since last 2 days no body from the company had turned up to attend the complain. I would suggest a better phrase for onida “AC Gone Services off” rather than SMS Gone AC on. No body in the company is interested in providing services to old customers.Request if you people can help.

  2. mohd Azhar Avatar
    mohd Azhar

    i bought onida tv but his service is not provid after calling costumer service centre 38 calls i am already Done this company is frod .22-08-2011

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