Omni 8 seater

Location/place: Basavanagar/Bangalore

Name of company/service: Garuda Autocraft Pvt.Ltd.

I have taken delivery of Omni 8 seater(Engine No.F8BIN 4323086 SILKY SILVER – z2s)on 13.12.2010 and the vehicle has run 260 KM as on date. It is observed that the gear is not getting shifted and the vehicle stranded on the road today(23.12.10)morning. It is unfortunate that a new vehicle failed on the busy road and the embarasment encountered is unexplainable. Garuda Autocraft did not respond to my calls. Alternatively, UM Cars Indiranagar was contacted and the vehicle was shifted by them. UM cars has informed that the Gear Box has to be opened to rectify the defect.

Opening the Gear Box of a new vehicle which has hardly run 260 KMs is not acceptable. Please arrange to replace the vehicle itself.

Your immediate action in this regard is solicited.

No.8, Cauvery Street,
Basavanagar,Bangalore 560 037.
Mobile No.9945232971
e-mail: [email protected]


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