Location/place: BTM Layout

Name of company/service: Sri Kamadhenu Enterprises

I received an appointment letter from AGCI Enterprises on 30.03.2010 to my village home address. My parents are living there. I received the same on 15.04.10 and was dissappointed to see that the last day mentioned was 15.4.10 to submit the D.D without penal fee. I then thought of sending the D.D. with Penal fee of Rs.850.00 along with the actual amount of Rs.3,500 demanded for the appointment order. After sending the D.D to Delhi address now i came to know about the frauds about the AGCI Entp. Please help me to get back my money. I will give the D.D. No. & the bank particulars in my next since I am now in my office and does not have them with me.


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