Ochre Media Pvt Ltd is a fraud company.

Name of company/service: Ochre Media Pvt Ltd

Ochre Media Pvt Ltd claims to be a part of i-Labs, although it does not appear on the
investment portfolio of i-Labs. Ochre Media which is a B2B company located in kundan bagh, begumpet,
Hyderabad is a fraud company that has no money even to pay their employees or the vendors associated
with them.
Ochre Media also run in the name of Vertical Talk. Ochre Media has a few criminal records that
exist in the panjagutta police station in Hyderabad. A few of my colleagues and I have filed
complaints against them as they have not cleared our salaries for a few months.
In spite of doing this they made fake promises of clearing our dues as soon as they get business
but even after doing so they shamelessly refused to pay our hard earned money. They are a true
example of fraud and unethical company that not only dupes its clients but does not even spare
their own employees who work hard for the company.
After running the show this way they could not survive and their top management resigned and a
few went absconding leaving us employees helpless and moneyless.
The new management recently took over with fake promises of paying us but till date show no
signs of doing so. It seems like Ochre Media is now working with a strategy of victimizing their
old clients, dampening other’s reputation by playing foul and sitting on our money by not
paying our dues.
“I WANT MY MONEY BACK” and will go to any extent to do so. I reckon all my fellow
victims(employees) who are waiting for their payments from ochre media pvt ltd.
Also Job aspirants lured by ochre media BEWARE, unless you want to do some damage to your
career by providing social service to a company that can’t pay its employees but knows how to
exploit them.

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