Notice on payment outstanding

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: HDFC Credit Card

In 2005 I had surrendered by HDFC CC card and after followup with their chennai call center I was issued a No due certificate and my points (loyalty points) were converted into weekly magazine subscription.

Post that in 2006 Jan, I received a communication from HDFC that there was some outstanding amount. I chased HDFC and made more the 30 calls giving clarification that no such outstanding was there and the matter was closed and there was no further communciation from HDFC seeking payment.

I am attaching few of soft copies of letter that I prepared for surrendering my card and one escalation letter to HDFC and addresses of consumer forum to lodge complain against HDFC for harassement.

In Dec 2009 I received a letter from HDFC advocate seeking amount ~ Rs. 11000=00.

Calls to their call center/ Debit card department/ Debt department/ Advocate hasnt resulted in any definite feedback on statements/payments made by me/ and outstanding amount. Neither I see any action from HDFC to recall such demand notice.

Only reply from HDFC I get is that they would get back to me on this and that they dont have the case history with them. IF there is no case histroy how can they send a demand notice.

I am bugged and irritated and want to file harassment case against HDFC.

Kindly guide me or take up my case against HDFC to resolve this matter …else post few years there would be another such notice from HDFC …Their system is not in sync and lacks integrity.

Kindly help

hdfc cc dis.doc (23 KB)

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