Not servicing my Xperia 10i from last two months

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: intarvo technologies ltd

I bought sony Ericssion Xperia 10i and it stopped working after 4 months. Intarvo serviced it once after keeping it with them for one whole month, but no improvement. They took it twice and since then Intarvo is not pikcing up my calls from one month.

Though someone from Intarvo called me and said “how is your phone working now?” I said “I never got it back”. I asked for his identification but he hung up without identifying himslef.

Because of this I had to buy another phone for my use.

This really is very frustating.

Service Center name: Intervo-Ripon Street, Kolkata
Service center 03322267310
Workorder number: SE311IRS10884

Manoj Rawat

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