Not returning my money

Location/place: Delhi

Name of company/service: India Today Book Club

On July 9, 2009, I ordered one Reebok Style Kit (Rs. 1999.00 + Rs. 499.00 Delivery charges) through internet quoting my ICICI bank credit card & I got confirmation for order along with Order ID: MITBC – WEB – 22466357. But within few minutes I received call from their office number 01130488400 & their representative informed me that due to some technical problem my order could not be registered with this credit card, therefore he asked for any other credit card I have. Then again I had to register with my Standard Chartered Credit Card & the booking ID is 7770034040. But after few days I got information that my order is punched twice with both my credit cards. Therefore I requested them to cancel one of my orders. They informed me that both parcel had dispatced therefore I will have to accept one & refuse the other one. They will refund my money once they receive the refused parcel. I did the same & they have received refused parcel but not returning my money. I written them many times on this but same reply they are giving. Therefore when I realized that they will not return my money therefore I agreed to take one more same parcel, though I don’t need it. But neither they are returning my money nore they sending parcel. Please find attached all my communications with them.

Please help me get my money from India Today Book Club.


Abdul Rehman Khan
Phone No. 9818482858
Email ID: [email protected]

India Today Book Club.doc (122 KB)

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